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Nathaniel Page

Hi, my name is Nate, the founder of Kazi.  You are probably wondering why we would start something like this… You could say it was to scratch my own itch.

On the agent side, real estate software is fundamentally flawed.  Buying a home is an extremely personal experience and collaboration between agents and their clients is the key to a happy transaction. 
On the client side, we were handed the keys and a congratulatory handshake.  Just about a month in, I realized that taking care of a home requires a good bit of work.  Over time I started compiling tasks and to-do items in a spreadsheet to track maintenance schedules and DIY project timelines.  Nerdy right?

Spreadsheets are fun, but as I talked with friends and family that owned homes, I realized that I wasn’t the only one who saw value in a product to keep track of your maintenance schedules, home value, and providing services to make a smooth transition into your home

That’s why we built Kazi.  It’s easy, cloud-based, and keeps everything in one place so that real estate agents can keep track of their leads and clients know how to properly care for your home.  

We’re on a mission to put “relationships” back into CRM’s and provide simple, elegant technology that connects agents and homeowners, and empowers agents to communicate better while scaling their business.

– Nate