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Are you a real estate agent trying to manage a healthy pipeline of leads?

The real estate world is full of good and bad leads, but the chances of you having to manage and prioritize a large lead pool are quite high. 

As a real estate agent, you always have leads coming in from different directions, and you have to offer value WITH personalization to every single one of your prospective buyers. Without proper management, the whole situation turns into a hot mess pretty quickly. You don’t want that!

… There’s a one-stop solution to this situation, and you must adopt it immediately! The right lead management system lets you stay on top of your leads and keeps you and your team accountable.

Still not sure how this works. 

Worry no more, as this blog post is jam-packed with fresh lead management tactics you can implement to get ahead of market fluctuation and boss the market! Without further ado, let’s begin:

Why Do I Need to Manage My Leads?

In the U.S alone, more than 3 million people hold active real estate licenses. If you wish to stand out in this competitive market, you definitely need to elevate your lead management process.

Understandably, today’s audience is better informed, savvy, and skeptical at the same time. Thus you need to utilize various methods throughout their buyers’ journey to ensure that the right answers are provided at the right time.

Every single lead counts, and setting up a lead management system ensures you have your tabs on every single one. This system builds the foundations of your relationship with the stakeholders, which can last for decades. 

A rock-solid lead management system ensures your prospects’ questions, doubts, and concerns are answered on time, and your strategy runs on autopilot, knowing when to take what step to close maximum deals.

Now that we are sure about the need for a lead management system, let’s figure out which one to choose to get started in the game:

How to Find the Right Lead Management System for Your Needs?

At the end of the day, the only thing that confirms the effectiveness of your lead management system is your conversion rate. However, you can look into these factors when making your decision to narrow down your research:

Capture and Organize Real Estate Leads: 

When researching leads on different platforms, you need an effective management system that funnels these can organize real estate leads into a central database where you can access them later. Because, frankly speaking, you can’t follow all your leads at once, especially if you can’t find them. Ask whether your selected system instantly captures and organizes the leads or not, as it makes or breaks the entire lead management process. 

Keeping Lead Profiles Up to Date:

Your chosen CRM needs to be able to keep track of real estate leads and automatically update any publically available information from their profiles. This is extremely important because you need to have an updated profile of your current and past leads so that you can reach out to them with relevant deals and promotions. Ensure that your lead management system has the functionality to automatically populate the leads database with the latest updates.

Gathering Reviews and Testimonials:

95% of people confirm that reviews and testimonials influence their purchase decisions. This is exactly why you need a lead management system that enables your clients to leave you reviews and testimonials on multiple platforms. Having testimonials available readily on different platforms also attracts more audiences to your portfolio. Use a CRM that helps build your portfolio by enabling clients to leave public feedback regarding your projects.

Alt Text: Organize real estate leads with the right lead management process
Organize real estate leads with the right lead management process

Qualify Leads:

Does the CRM you are using qualify leads? Once the lead has become a part of your DBMS, your selected management system should be able to reach out to keep track of real estate leads and their latest activities and reach out to them with consistent, personalized messages.

For this purpose, you need to set up active email marketing campaigns and track your prospects to understand their interests better. Details like open rates, unsubscribes, and forwards can give you valuable insight into which pieces of your content are working. Go for a CRM that allows email marketing alongside.

Don’t Forget the Good, Old Traditional Sale Tactics

All is good and well, and you can have the best CRM ever! 

… But it won’t work if you give up on the good, old traditional sales tactics. I mean, do phone calls and follow-ups. While your CRM automates most of the lead management process, it is up to you to communicate with the online leads and do good real estate business through your communication skills.

Feast and Famine: Handling the Real Estate Like a Pro

Hey, we get it. As a real estate agent, you have a lot to handle, and automating one facet, i.e., lead management of your process, is a much-needed upgrade in your business. But when choosing a lead management system, you must consider many factors. 

From keeping track of real estate leads to automating your sales strategy, and from populating the database to providing customer support, the right lead management system has a lot to do. We have written this article as a guide to help you narrow down the process to the right CRM that works for you and your team.

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